TaxMaster® is a UI field audit laptop tool that supports and enhances the entire field audit process. Its features include: data gathering, detailed review of employer data, recording audit decisions and computation of wages and tax by auditors in stardardized workpapers and reporting. TaxMaster stores employer and wage information from the agency tax system making it available to the auditor while in the field, eliminating the need to re-enter employer demographics, filed reports and other data required for the audit case.

TaxMaster, an application that can be easily installed onto a field auditor laptop, significantly improves audit efficiency and productivity by:

  1. providing all of the basic functions and features required by auditors;
  2. easily adapting to specific rates and rules; and,
  3. continuous support and enhancement from knowledgeable staff who quickly make changes and updates as needed.

Many state and city/county tax agencies, comprising over 1,300 users, have concluded that TaxMaster is the right solution to meet their needs. TaxMaster is an integrated suite of tools that enhance auditors’ capabilities, both in the field and in the office, by facilitating the efficient conduct and completion of audits in less time and with fewer errors. Built on proven technology, TaxMaster supports auditors with a toolset that meets virtually every audit function for all tax types including sales, corporate income and personal income. Benefits of TaxMaster include:

  • time saving features for data entry and import;
  • a standardized work papers library, with the ability to customize and streamline the recording and audit process;
  • a standard presentation of audit results which facilitates review for supervisors and employers;
  • consistency and quality of audits;
  • ease of configuration via system tables for tax rates and jurisdictions; and,
  • a short learning curve which translates to quick adoption and immediate increases in auditor productivity.

The TaxMaster software:

  • contains predefined letters and forms, and allows creation of customized letters;
  • enables customized work sheets and schedules in the field to adapt to the particular audit situation;
  • facilitates audit completion, with all data centrally located;
  • imports employer data into simple to use spreadsheets eliminating the time consuming task of separately keying in large amounts of data;
  • provides statistical tools to calculate sample sizes and select random sets of transactions (optional add-on feature);
  • provides links to, and imports of, audit resources such as policy, web-sites, legislation or user procedures; and,
  • attaches critical external files to an audit such as spreadsheets, database files and text files.

TaxMaster is the leading state and local tax auditing software and used by city, county and state agencies for over twenty years. Recent deployments of TaxMaster encompass more than thirty different state and local taxes, including unemployment compensation, sales and use, corporate income, local option, accommodations, admissions, individual income, solid waste tax and many more.


TaxMaster Highlights

Powerful Tools with Ease of Use
TaxMaster provides auditors with an easy to use, intuitive approach to auditing that compliments the field audit process. Using TaxMaster, auditors can efficiently perform all the necessary functions to complete the audit. TaxMaster’s significant features include:

Navigation Bar
The Navigation Bar (left) makes file management simple and presents a visual representation of the audit components. All details of an audit are clearly identified and easily accessible through the use of drop-down menus available at the click of a mouse. An auditor, taxpayer, employer or supervisor can quickly and easily navigate through every aspect of an audit, including: Schedules, Documents, Forms, Filing Details and Reports.

Report Generator
The Report Generator (below) requires just a few clicks to generate a full report set, complete with summary, billing and distribution reports. Each report set can be saved for later printing or exchange. On-screen preview capabilities display preliminary results of the audit in real-time. Subsequent changes to the audit updated in front of the taxpayer or employer will produce revised reports, eliminating time-consuming correspondence with the taxpayer or employer and promoting a better understanding of the audit itself. The Report Generator also enables the auditor to format, sort and summarize workpapers and calculations.

Rich Text Editor
The Rich Text Editor (below) is used for creating supplemental documents and taxpayer or employer correspondence. Template support and data merge capabilities allow easy creation of form letters and other common documents (e.g., request for records, waiver to extend statute, consent, POA, etc.). For more complicated forms, TaxMaster® comes complete with a Form Tool. Auditors can create new letters and schedules, in the field, in minutes and are not encumbered by having to generate correspondence back in the office. Valuable time is thus saved.

Schedule Editor
The Schedule Editor (see left hand page to the right of “TaxMaster®”) is tightly integrated into the software and is loaded with timesaving data entry features. During review of invoices or general ledger files, auditors will effectively use features such as:

  • red lining;
  • highlighting;
  • multi-level sorting; and,
  • auto completion and column formulas.

Sampling Wizard for Statistical Audits
The TaxMaster® Sampling Wizard is offered as an add-on to the base TaxMaster® package, and can be easily added on an individual basis. The TaxMaster® Sampling Wizard:

  • provides a decentralized approach for statistical auditing. Auditors will not need to rely on a small group for audit assistance;
  • allows the auditor to connect to a variety of data sources for defining the sampling frame (the filter used to define the population of data);
  • maintains a detailed log of each step of the sampling process and all sampling parameters utilized to generate the sample. This includes the random number seed utilized to generate the sample, which allows for the precise original sample population to be regenerated at any point in the future;
  • enables administrator control of all parameters of the sampling methodology;
  • leads the auditor, step-by-step, through the sampling process using a “wizard” approach, based on the parameters set and maintained by the administrator. That parameter-set can be deployed to laptops automatically;
  • allows users an easy and intuitive way of establishing the sampling frame, including checklists and drop down menus;
  • provides a Random Number Generator;
  • automatically builds the projection schedule based on the results of the auditor’s detailed validation of the sample population and applies the error back to the original population;
  • automatically pulls the sample from the population into TaxMaster® for detailed review and mark-up; • allows the auditor to mark-up or record errors in TaxMaster® after the pull of information. No additional training or experience is required;
  • builds the projections and evaluations; and,
  • provides tools to do other types of sample-based audits including block sampling and non-stratified audits.

States that have separate “Computer Audit” or “Statistical Audit” units that oversee and make decisions on statistical audits will be able to significantly reduce or eliminate the overhead of involving specialists. This not only includes the time of the specialist, but also the expense of traveling to the taxpayer or employer site. Again, the Sampling Administrator will remain in control of the complete set of accepted parameters for statistical sampling to ensure that the agency’s sampling policies are consistently applied.

Taxpayer or employer data can also be imported from a variety of data sources, including: Access, Excel, Quattro Pro, Lotus, Dbase, Fox Pro, ASCII and others. The end result is that all relevant and critical data will be in one central place, at the fingertips of an auditor, making them more productive and efficient.

Please contact Brian Ridderbush at 1-888-826-1324 ext. 400, or via email at, for additional information.